Sunday, November 18, 2012

Play Troubled in Waters Chota Bheem Game

Here you can Play Troubled in Waters Chota Bheem Game.
How to Play: Just use your mouse to control boat and use left mouse button to fire Kalia and Dholo Bholo.

Play Chota Bheem Basketball Game

Here in this post you can Play Chota Bheem Basketball Game online and free.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chota Bheem Kalia's Master Plan Episode

Watch Online Chota Bheem Kalia's Master Plan Episode
Chota Bheem is the famous cartoon of all kids and children because there are great stories and also morels in these cartoons. You have seen many episodes of this cartoon but now here in this article I am telling you about the story of Chota Bheem (Kalia’s Master Plan). This story begins with the Kushti fight between Bheem and Kalia. And other friends of Bheem and Kalia were watching that how will win this Kushti fight. Anyway Bheem win that Kushti but Kalia challenge him that I will show you that in all Dholakpur I am a big fighter. Now Kalia was thinking and making plans that how to proof himself a great fighter. He was thinking and went to forest side. There he saw that Baba is setting and one person come and said that I have a problem that Baba gives him a ring to solve his problem and receive some mangos in the reward of that. When the person went that Baba started laughing that instead of fake ring I get original mangos. Kalia understand the situation and go near that Baba and said Hey fake Baba here you are doing such fake activities with people. He beat that Baba and also want to carry him in front of the king but he said please don’t carry me to the king forgive me. Then Kalia said that if I leave you then what you will give me and also said that I want to show someone that I am a great fighter. That Baba give him some aero and said that you can shoot the person you want to beat by these aero and he will become conscious. Kalia was very happy because of these aero. Then he came to Chota Bheem and said that there was Kushti fight and I also take part in that. Bheem also want to take part in that Kushti Fight. They went their and start Kushti fight. The first fight was between Kalia and Keychaq. But Keychaq was laughing on Dholakpur fighters that they can t also fight. Then he give challenge to Bheem that first you come to fight me. Kalia think that it’s an opportunity for me because Bheem will defeat Keychaq and than I will defeat Bheem. Kalia give these aero to Dholo and said that when Keychaq comes in front of you so shoot this aero. When Dholo shoot the aero so he hit Bheem and he become unconscious. Then Keychaq start fight with Kalia then Dholo throw aero but this time he hit Kalia mistakenly. Keychaq started laughing that I defeat these two but Rajo said no Bheem will defeat you. They shack Bheem and Bheem again turn to his real position and defeat Keychaq. Morel: proud is a very bad thing, the person can do any thing to make himself better that’s why keep away from this.

Chota Bheem Janmashatmi Pogo Episode

Watch Online Chota Bheem Janmashatmi Pogo Episode
This is the article about Chota Bheem. And here we have the episode of (Janmashatmi Pogo). This story begins with the village of Dholakpur. Janmashatmi is the old friend and also the old citizen of Dholakpur but she had gone to other city. She was thinking about her birthday. But she thinks that without friends the birthday will be so bore. She really missed Bheem, Rajo, Jaggo and Chutki but then she decide that she will go to Dholakpur and there she will celebrate he birthday. There Bheem and his friends want to make a celebration in the Dholakpur city and they went to the palace of king to discuss with him. He also accepts to celebrate a party then they want to make a stage show in this party. They divide roles of the characters and start practice for it. Here Janmashatmi also start journey to come Dholakpur and celebrate her birthday here. In the way she needs some rest that’s why she take some rest there and start Bansury. There were two Rakshas they were slept but by the Bansury they wakeup and when they see her. They recall the revenge and want to get it now. They attack on her but she was also very powerful and magical. She protects her self from their every attack. Then she again starts her journey towards Dholakpur. They were also behind her to chase her and take their revenge. Here they start the stage show every character play great role and then those two Rakshas also entered in the show. Bheem fight with them and beat them after that they played many game and celebrate the birthday of Janmashatmi.  

Chota Bheem Jadui Khilona Episode

Watch Online Chota Bheem Jadui Khilona Episode
This article is about the cartoon of Chota Bheem and his friends. Today you will read here the story of (Jadui Khilona). The story begins with the city of Dholakpur. Bheem and his friend want to go to a place where a magician will show his latest magic by Jadui Khilona. Kalia also asked him that Bheem where are you going? Bheem said that we are going to watch Jadui Khilona. They all go to the palace of the king because that Magician wants to show his magic in front of the king. He turned towards the people and said that today I am going to show you a unique Khilona that will entertain you by his activities. Kalia laugh on him that how can a Khilona make us entertain? He orders to his box and a small Khilona appear with the box. And start dancing and many other activities that really entertain the people. The king of Dholakpur very happy and give some coins of money to that Magician. After that Magician ordered that Khilona again to go back in the box. That Khilona become very sad to go back in the box. Bheem want to asked from him that why you are sad. So Raju go ahead and asked the same question. That Khilona said that I am not happy in this box. Chutki tell to the Magician that please leaves him out of the box because he is happy outside. That Khilona escaped from there to his own khilona’s land. The Magician make Chutki also a Khilona by his magic and said that give me my Khilona back after that I will change her again. Bheem and his friends went to the world of Khilona and bring him back and then fight with that Magician and free their friend again.